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Our History

The Credit Union originated through the vision of Betty Pitman and Ken Bley. In October of 1962, Siskiyou County Employees Credit Union (SCECU) received its state charter. When the Credit Union was first chartered, it serviced only county employees, Mr. Bley however, knew they had just begun something that would only grow with time.
Betty Pitman opened the Credit Union on Tuesdays and Thursdays during her lunch hour. She serviced its members out of her desk drawer from the Welfare Department. As predicted by Mr. Bley, it was not long before the need of additional help and longer operations hours was needed.
By September of 1969, with the assets of $135,075.24, the Credit Union hired Marjorie Bley as manager. The office was then moved to a small space in the County Hospital Building Basement. The hours were changed and the office was now open four days a week from 11:00 - 2:00. Within a year, they hired another employee and the Credit Union continued to grow and expand.
In 1971 the field of membership expanded to include certified and non-certified school employees in Siskiyou County. It also included the employees of cities, city special districts, and the US Forest Service. In January of 1981, the Grange Credit Union merged with Siskiyou County Employees Credit Union to become a central credit union, changing its name to Siskiyou Central Credit Union.
September 1990 marked a huge milestone for Siskiyou Central Credit Union, We open the doors of our brand new 5500 sq. ft. facility. This facility was obtained through the joint planning and hard work of both staff and board.
September of 1991 marked yet another milestone for Siskiyou Central Credit Union, Our branch office was opened in the community of Mt Shasta located some 40 miles south of the Yreka main office. This office was later transformed from a walk in branch to a full service ATM only environment.
January 8, 2001 brought yet another change, Siskiyou Central Credit Union converted from a State charter to a community charter. This change became necessary for continued growth. Siskiyou County. Siskiyou County is the 5th largest county geographically in California, with a population of approximately 45,000. Our community has undergone many changes within the last several years. The timber industry is slowly declining, the schools are showing decline in enrollment and our young seem to be leaving to find employment opportunities. What is on the incline is our asset base of approximately 35,000,000.00.
Our credit union’s strong financial position was able to not only withstand The Recession of 2008 [which was a major worldwide economic downturn that began in 2008 and continued into 2010 and beyond], but was able to grow. This was due to people fleeing banks and turning to credit unions for safety and security. By the end of 2010 our credit unions assets base had grown to $45,600,000.
Today, Siskiyou Central Credit Union continues to deliver a full-range of high-quality, low-cost financial products and services designed to help members achieve their financial goals. Every one of Siskiyou Central's more than 6800 members owns an equal share of the credit union, and it is because of this dynamic that earnings are returned to the membership in the form of lower loan rates and higher dividend yields. Plus, member deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a federal government agency. At the end of 2016 our asset base was $62,000,000

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