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Life Stages - Working World

You've worked hard for the money, now let the money work for you. By taking full advantage of Siskiyou Central Credit Union products and services you can begin building for your future, whatever it may hold.
  • My 1st Job
    Congratulations! You're now officially a 9 to 5ver. Whatever your first job may be, and wherever it may lead you, learning to successfully manage your money is one of the most important lessons you should take with you. Siskiyou Central's Easy to Manage, FREE Checking and Savings can help get you started, while a Budget Blueprint will help you outline your finances and strategies for the future. Plus:

    The real world awaits! Let Siskiyou Central help you prepare.

  • Promotion
    The hard work has finally paid off. You've been promoted! And in addition to the new title, new responsibilities and a newly increased cash flow, you also now have an excellent opportunity to make those funds you worked so long for start working for you.

    Take a moment and review those financial goals you set for yourself when you first entered the working world. Or, if you don't currently have any aspirations in mind, now's the time to start thinking about what you want from your future —resolve debt, a new car, a new home, a retirement plan to help provide for you and your family; the possibilities are endless!

  • Changing Jobs
    Transitions, no matter how big or small, are never easy. But there are ways that you can prevent them from being so hard. Remember as you continue down the path to career success, ask yourself the right questions to help guide your journey.
    • What are your goals?
      Have you set the wheels in motion to help achieve a stable financial position that will lead you into the future? If not, now's the time to make a list of your hopes and dreams and map out a strategy that will help you attain them.
    • How will you budget your paycheck?
      With extra funds, you can finally rid yourself of lingering debt, save for a down payment on new car or home or expand your plan for your retirement. The possibilities are endless!

  • How will you save?
    Siskiyou Central has numerous options that can help you save for tomorrow. From a basic savings account, to higher yield money markets or certificates, the credit union has a range of products to fit your needs.

  • Have you rolled over your 401(k)
    Continuing to contribute to a 401(k) is a giant step toward establishing a financially successful future. Make even further strides by exploring additional financial planning options, such as diversifying your portfolio.

  • Losing Your Job
    No one knows what the future may hold. Planning for the worst now could be the best safeguard for your financial future. Remember, when closing out with your employer, it is important to understand what your being offered in terms of severance and/or post-employment benefits by asking questions.

    Also, consider the issues that may pop-up as you search for a new job—the pitfalls that may appear in your budget, the cost of paying your own health benefits, will you receive a payout of your sick and vacation leave, what should you do with your 401K

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